Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain to Enhance Creativity and Artistic Self-Confidence Video Tutorial + eBook

drawing on the right side of the brain

I had an “Ah-ha” moment with this video. All my life I loved art, but could never seem to quite figure out how to draw or transfer images I had to use paper – and even with the few drawing lessons I did have – I found that the instructors expected me to already know how to draw – which seemed odd since I did not know how to draw and simply wanted to learn. This is a great video that cuts straight to the heart of the matter. I would recommend this to anyone who has sat and stared at a piece of paper, pencil in hand and sighed because they just could not get the image on the paper.

5 stars

Dr. Betty Edwards is professor emeritus of art at California State University in Long Beach. She received her doctorate from UCLA in art, education, and the psychology of perception. Dr. Edwards has been profiled by the Los Angels Times and the Seattle Times; Reader’s Digest, Time, Intuition magazine and the Today show. She speaks regulary at universities, art schools and companies including AT&T, the Walt Disney Corporation, and the Apple Corporation.


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