Does Fall Guys have couch co-op?

Does Fall Guys have couch co-op?

Fall Guys

Having amassed over 1.5 million players during its first day of release, Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout has established itself as a massive hit on both PS4 and PC. 

This is largely thanks to its status as a PlayStation Plus freebie, and the fact it offers a battle royale experience that feels like a mixture of Overcooked and Takeshi’s Castle. 

It’s wonderfully satisfying and addictive to play, with 60 players competing across a variety of stages before once eventually emerges as the victor. However, one question is on our minds: does it have split screen multiplayer?

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Does Fall Guys have couch co-op?

At the time of writing, Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout does not support traditional split-screen multiplayer on PS4 or PC, which is a shame considering it’s such a chaotic blast with friends. 

However, Mediatonic seems keen to address this in the future, although there are clearly some challenges associated with incorporating such a feature so it seamlessly gels with the online nature of Fall Guys. 

“We’d love to have split screen but at some point during development we had to cut it in order to get the game finished in time! It’s a HUGE undertaking from so many disciplines and we decided it would be better not to spread ourselves too thin and make sure the game we delivered is up to par,” explained Mediatonic’s Joe Walsh in a Reddit AMA

“That said, you never know what might come post launch! I’d certainly love to play split screen and it gets requested TONS by the community.” 

So, Mediatonic definitely wants to incorporate split-screen multiplayer into the world of Fall Guys, but it likely wants to ensure servers are running smoothly and all owners are enjoying themselves before embarking on such a development. So, keep your fingers crossed for now!

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