Cardio Karate Video Tutorial

cardio karate

Introducing Cardio Karate – the most intense in-home fitness program inspired by the exciting disciplines of martial arts. The key to Cardio Karate is attention to correct “martial Biomechanics”. You see with the popular kickboxing dance routines that are sweeping the nation, the repetitive limited motions only cause irritation to your joints, and cause injury to your body. This causes your metabolism to shut down, and your results to plateau. Cardio Karate utilizes “Martial Biomechanics” – flowing organic movements found in animals that have been studied by martial artists for centuries. These fluid movements are easy to the joints which means less stress on the body. And less stress means less injury, and less time your body spends recovering, resulting in a workout that blasts your metabolism so you can burn up to 1200 calories per hour. Combine these cardio blasts with advanced resistance training and you can get ripped in just 60 days!

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