Build Enormous Strength Without the Size on Your Home Sports Gear – Indoor Workout for Men

Build Enormous Strength

The book describes specially selected and adapted for modern people sets of exercises developed by world famous strongmen like G. Hackenschmidt, E. Sandow, A. Zass and some others who were ordinary people and did not poses great physical strength from birth. These exercises can be performed using home sports equipment such as dumbbells, expanders, kettlebells, barrels, etc. The purpose of this book is to give any man, not depending on his height, weight and previous experience, effective and simple exercises for developing tremendous muscle power and shaping the body to look like professional athlete. With strict discipline and systematic training, you will see the first positive results of changing your body in just a few months.

What is inside the book?
You will find a detailed description and vivid illustrations of about 100 dynamic and static exercises for all big and small muscles and muscle groups of your body to increase their strength and endurance. You can create an individual set of exercise, for example, to strengthen the muscles of the hands and shoulder girdle or to develop flexibility and endurance. But no matter what tasks you set for yourself, these exercises will help you look more attractive, feel healthy and fit.

How is this book different from other similar ones?
The book provides practical recommendations on scientifically based the most effective methods to increase the intensity of training, which include tips on the implementation of exercises, nutrition, rest and self-control techniques. Training based on the exercises and techniques described in this book guarantee you quick results with minimal effort. Most exercises can be easily performed at work, at home, on vacation and do not require visits to the fitness center. Sets of exercises can be divided into sessions for busy people and performed at any time during the day.

Target audience
For people of any age and level of training who want to develop strength, flexibility, make the figure beautiful and maintain all body systems at a sufficiently high functional level.


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