Bugsnax: Everything we know about the weird and wacky PS5 adventure

Bugsnax: Everything we know about the weird and wacky PS5 adventure


Bugsnax is one of the strangest and most delightful games to emerge for the PlayStation 5 thus far. From the creators of Octodad comes a cute, bizarre and genuinely entrancing adventure into the surreal, and we can’t wait to experience it. 

Announced during the PS5 ‘Future of Gaming’ event, Bugsnax is a strange adventure game where you navigate an island filled with unusual creatures that are not only bugs, but also snacks. Bugsnax, if you will. It’s also coming to PS4 and PC, so you won’t need a next-gen console to get lost in the oddities.

Trusted Reviews has compiled everything you need to know about Bugsnax including all the latest news, gameplay, release date, trailers and more. 

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Bugsnax gameplay – What is it?

Developed by Young Horses, Bugsnax is a first-person adventure game set on Snacktooth Island. Here, you’ll need to explore and capture Bugsnax using a variety of different contraptions located across the island. It’s like a scavenger hunt, but you’re catching weird, living things instead of random objects. 

But wait, it gets even wilder. Once captured, you can feed Bugsnax to the local Grumpuses, who will then adopt the physical properties of whatever Bugsnax they ingest. You can capture a better glimpse of what this means in the reveal trailer, but we can say with confidence it’s both creepy and delightful in equal measure. 

Bugsnax release date – when is it coming out?

Bugsnax is currently in development for PS4, PS5 and PC and is aiming for a Q4 2020 launch. No specific release date has been confirmed, but we imagine such a thing will emerge in the coming months. 

Bugsnax trailer – how does it look?

Bugsnax story – what’s it all about?

The plot of Bugsnax is equally as obtuse, and that’s honestly why it sounds so wonderful. You play as a newspaper reporter who is invited to Snacktooth Island by Elizabert Megafig, who details the island’s unusual inhabitants in a letter and how our protagonist should venture forth and document them for all the world to see. Unfortunately, upon arriving on the island everything isn’t as it seems, and it’s your job to uncover what exactly is going on.

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