At Home Take Out – Favorite Chinese Takeout Recipes + 13 Appetizers and Sauces

At Home Take Out

Love Chinese takeout? Wish you could make it at home? Frustrated by tutorials, websites, and blogs that don’t change anything? At Home Take Out: 50 Favorite Chinese Takeout Recipes + 13 Appetizer’s and Sauces is the answer to your culinary dreams. Step by step, we will guide you through your favorite Chinese takeout recipes like Instant Pot Orange Chicken, Easy General Tso’, eggrolls, and how to cook the perfect Instant Pot rice. Plus, delicious wonton, egg rolls, and potstickers; sweet and spicy tofu dishes; your favorite sauces, appetizers and so much more!

This collection of easy takeout Chinese recipes will breathe new life into your Chinese kitchen! Never order takeout again! These easy Chinese takeout recipes are a must for any foodie! Snacks, soups, appetizers, sauces, and poplar take-out recipes are all here waiting for you. So, what are you waiting for? It is all you’ll ever need to treat your friends and family to a unique fusion that’ll bring their taste buds to life!


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