Apple AirTag price, release date and specs: All the facts on the iPhone maker’s Tile rival

Apple AirTag price, release date and specs: All the facts on the iPhone maker’s Tile rival

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One of Apple’s most elusive products has reportedly gone into production. We’ve been waiting for Apple to confirm the existence of its AirTags for a while now and it looks like that date could be closer than we thought. Trusted Reviews has gathered all the latest news and leaks to keep you up to date on the Apple AirTags.

Apple’s answer to the Tile tracker, the gadget is rumoured to use GPS to help you locate frequently lost items such as your phone or wallet.

Many initially expected Apple to unveil the AirTags during its annual WWDC developer conference back in June, only to be met with disappointed when Apple made no mention of them. With Apple due to hold its ‘Time Flies‘ event on September 15, there’s a chance we could see the tracking accessory launch as soon as next week.

Read on for everything you need to know about the Apple AirTags, including what they are, when we expect to see them and how much they’ll cost. Make sure to bookmark this page too as we plan to update it with all the latest officials news and rumours as they roll in.

What are the AirTags?

The AirTags are the rumoured tracking accessory from Apple. The AirTags are comparable to Tile, allowing you to GPS locate any item you slap the device on, from your keys, to your bag, to your Apple Card.

While Apple has yet to officially confirm that the AirTags are in development, we’ve seen enough leaks this year to assume that an Apple tracking accessory is on its way. Back in April, we saw Apple accidentally leak the AirTags itself in the beta code for an iOS update. The company has also published and pulled a video that specifically referenced the device, making it clear that Apple has been struggling to keep the release under wraps.

If you’re still not convinced, Apple has also filed a patent for a suspiciously AirTag-like device in the past, which you can read below:

Systems of radio frequency identification (RFID systems); radio frequency (RFID) labels, RFID tags, where RFID tags are in form of cards, tags or key rings; RFID markers, RFID bracelets, RFID rings, RFID disks, RFID labels, RFID stickers, RFID stamps, RFID printed circuits, RFID boles, RFID ear tags, RFID plastic or glass flasks, RFID keys, flexible cases, also in uncased version or in other types of cases, including with graphic image; readers; smart cards (integrated circuit cards); chips (integrated circuits), namely, RFID cards; computer software, recorded, including software for issue and control of RFID tags”.

Further rumours emerged in June, suggesting that the tracker would see a dedicated app and giving us an early listen to some of the gadget’s potential sound effects.

The first was a post by Twitter user @blue_kanikama looked to be a marketing screenshot. A report by TechRadar suggests that the information could be a sign of a new, dedicated app for the AirTags arriving with iOS 14, watchOS 7 or iPadOS 14.

The second leak comes from tipster @Soybeys on Twitter. This video showcases what appear to be the AirTags’ sound effects. Whether these sounds will play from the app or from the tracker itself is still unclear.

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When are the AirTags coming out?

We hope to hear more about the Apple AirTags at the ‘Time Flies’ event on September 15.

We initially expected the AirTags to be unveiled at WWDC 2020 earlier this summer. Of course, that didn’t happen and its difficult to predict a release with the Covid-19 outbreak putting uncertainty on many tech supply chains.

Apple has already been forced to delay the launch of the iPhone 12 by several weeks. While the company did not cite any particular reason for the delay, we assume it has something to do with the pandemic. Therefore, it would make sense to expect the AirTags to be late, too.

Earlier this week, Nikkei reported that a source with knowledge of the AirTags has claimed the device has already gone into production. If this is true, we probably won’t need to wait much longer to hear an official announcement from Apple.

How much will the AirTags cost?

There isn’t any reliable information about how much Apple AirTag will cost. Traditionally, Apple products have been more expensive than competing devices so we’d expect them to be more than Tile’s library of trackers.

Tile currently sells the Tile Sticker for £34.99 (two pack), the Tile Mate for £19.99, the Tile Slim for £24.99 and the Tile Pro for £29.99.

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