Apple A14 Bionic: What you need to know about the iPhone 12’s heart

Apple A14 Bionic: What you need to know about the iPhone 12's heart

Apple has finally unveiled its latest iPhone 12, and it’s rammed with a number of firsts for the company’s phone line.

One of the biggest changes is the inclusion of the new A14 Bionic chip, which according to Apple will radically improve performance across the board.

Here’s what you need to know about the iPhone 12’s A14 chip.

What is the A14 Bionic?

The A14 Bionic is the latest flagship CPU from Apple. It is set to feature on the iPhone 12 but it originally debuted on the iPad Air 4 a few weeks ago.

The chip on paper is a marked step up on the older A13 Bionic. It’s built on a new 5 nanometer process (A12 and A13 are 7nm) and has a total of 16 cores. This according to Apple makes it significantly more power efficient and a general step up on the A13. You can see a specific breakdown of the key updates below.

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How powerful is the A14 Bionic?

As well as general clock speed improvements, Apple says the A14 Bionic includes a new six-core CPU design that will offer a general 40% speed boost, while the four-core GPU will be able to offer “console quality” gaming performance.

The A14 Bionic is also being pitches as featuring radically better AI performance.

Apple lists it as featuring 16 Neural Engine cores that are capable of enacting 11 trillion operations per second. This reportedly makes it “80 percent faster at machine learning.”

For reference, the A12 had 6.9 billion transistors and the A13 had 8.3 billion transistors.

What does the A14 Bionic mean for Apple Silicon?

Apple confirmed it will use its A-series chips in its MacBook laptop lines in the very near future. There’s no word if the A14 Bionic will be the exact chip used, but Apple’s made some pretty bold claims about its desktop performance.

Overall Apple is promising the A14 Bionic will be twice as fast as the most popular Windows laptop, three times faster than the top-of-the-line Android tablet and a whopping six times faster than the leading Chromebook on the market. These are bold claims that will have to be backed up by independent testing, which of course we’ll do when we get the iPhone 12 and iPad Air 4 in for review!

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