Anthony Robbins The New Money Masters Video Tutorial + Workbook

Learn from the world’s leading internet marketers – “money masters” who started with nothing, and who are now multi-millionaires. Each has not only mastered marketing, they’ve mastered the art of living, serving customers in an entirely new way, and inspiring others to become the next generation of entrepreneurs.

the new money masters

The New Money Masters Series is a package that started with Tony Robbins becoming curious about internet marketing. Tony Robbins has been a major success for many years, and there are few people who haven’t heard of him. Anthony Robbins The New Money Masters with Russell Brunson teaches on making residual income on the internet. Read more on next page.

Robbins knows how to succeed, and he knows how to inspire others to do the same. So when he decided that he wanted to interview some internet marketing gurus to find out what they were doing to make so much money online and then record those interviews and sell them as the New Money Masters Series, people were definitely interested.

What caught Robbins’ attention and what started the idea for New Money Masters Series was that he noticed people were making money directly through the internet without having any other type of offline business and without working for anyone else. Robbins hadn’t paid much attention to the web other than as a medium for advertising his products. He started hearing about internet marketing gurus making millions completely through the internet, though, and he knew that there was a market here that he wasn’t taking full advantage of.

The idea of The New Money Masters evolved from the realization that Tony got about the existence of a huge market that is eagerly waiting to learn methods that can help people make their living completely out of web-marketing. Simple! Therefore, after Tony had this great realization, he started researching on various web marketers, and ultimately developed this amazingly powerful platform where people could learn the best strategies directly from the horse’s mouth.

When you purchase the New Money Master Series, you get 12 interviews. In each interview you’ll learn about a different internet marketing guru’s system for making money. Along with the DVD of each guru interview, you also get a workbook of each of their systems, and Tony always adds some of his own business wisdom as well.

Feedback from those who have purchased the New Money Masters Series has been good. Purchasers report that, true to form, Tony Robbins knew what he was doing when he interviewed these successful internet marketers. He asked the right questions and got the right answers.

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