Amazon’s handy Echo Flex gets an even handier attachment

Amazon's handy Echo Flex gets an even handier attachment

Amazon’s handy Echo Flex just got a little more useful thanks to the launch of a Smart Clock attachment that simply plugs into the bottom of the device.

The Echo Flex is an Alexa-powered device that plugs into a power outlet and enables users to make simple commands like setting timers with responses delivered through a low-powered speaker.

The new ‘Made for Amazon’ attachment from third-party accessory-maker Third Reality simply plugs into the Echo Flex’s USB port beneath the device. It will enable users to see exactly how long is left on that timer (or up to 20 others) as well as, you know, simply telling the time.

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The Echo Flex Smart Clock is plug and play promises a built in 12- or 24-hour digital clock and a display that automatically amends brightness given the ambient light in the room. Users will also be able to amend brightness manually. The attachment is powered by the Echo Flex itself, so requires no batteries or additional charging. And that’s about it in the way of features.

If you haven’t already purchased an Echo Flex (£25) then buying it and a Smart Clock attachment is a bit of a tough sell considering you can get a new Echo Dot with Clock can be nabbed for $59.99 (and much less during Amazon sales events).

It’ll launch on August 11 in the United States for $14.99 (via The Verge) and joins Amazon-made Smart Motion and Smart Night Light accessories for the Echo Flex. There’s no word on the UK launch yet.

In our review of the Echo Flex, we afforded the the device a 3.5/5 star score, praising its ability to bring Alexa to more rooms in the house, but bemoaning the poor sound quality.

Our reviewer wrote: “One of the easiest smart speakers to set up, the Amazon Echo Flex is a quick and simple way to add voice control to any room. Neatly, it can be upgraded to be a night light or motion sensor, although you can use it as a low-power phone charger, too. A weedy speaker makes it only good enough for voice replies, and this is a smart speaker that has more niche appeal, with the Echo Dot proving to be better for most people.”

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