Alan Wake is making a comeback in the next expansion for Control

Alan Wake is making a comeback in the next expansion for Control


Alan Wake is set to make a comeback in AWE, the latest expansion for Remedy Entertainment’s Control. It looks dark, mysterious and positively bonkers in the best way possible. 

Unveiled with a trailer during last night’s State of Play presentation, AWE (short for Altered World Event) is the second and final expansion for Control set to launch across PS4, Xbox One and PC on August 27.

Throughout the expansion, Jesse Faden will need to investigate a number of Altered World Events which are causing trouble across the globe, one of which happens to be located in the town of Bright Falls. Fans will recognise this as the setting of Alan Wake, with the titular character even making an appearance in the trailer. 

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“Our team had a lot of fun with putting tons of little details around the sector for you to discover. We went for a moodier, more suspenseful approach for this expansion, so be careful. But don’t get too scared while you’re at it!” reads a post on the PlayStation Blog.

While it will be awash with story content, AWE will also introduce a few new features including a fully-fledged horde mode and an arcade machine which allows you to replay boss battles and other popular set-pieces from the campaign. Yes, this includes the Ashtray Maze. 

In addition to this, an update is dropping this month with a few welcome quality of life changes. This will include new ability upgrades, a kinder checkpoint system and some new accessibility options for players who might need them. Control is almost a year old, so it’s great to see so much support for it. 

Here’s what I thought of Control in my 4/5 review back in 2019: “As a shooter, it’s lovingly satisfying to play, as all of its mechanics mesh to create a slick, supernatural explosion of paranormal powers and eclectic gunplay. Combine that with open-ended exploration and the package is nearing excellence. “

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