AirPods Studio − Everything we know about the Apple over-ears

AirPods Studio − Everything we know about the Apple over-ears

We had thought the AirPods Studio would make an appearance at Apple’s October event, but new leaks suggest that the headphones still aren’t ready for their official unveiling. 

We’ve also heard about the rumoured price, and suffice to say that for the premium version of the headphones it’s a lot more expensive than we had expected. What else do Apple’s first pair of over-ears? You can find out below.

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When will AirPods Studio be released?

Speculation leading up to Apple’s October event had predicted that we’d see the AirPods Studios make an appearance, but recent leaks make it sound as if we won’t be able to preview the headphones at the event.

According to prolific Apple leaker Jon Prosser, the headphones are still in the manufacturing stage with the first batch not expected until late October. That’s apparently put a kibosh on a reveal at the October event, with a November announcement and launch now more likely.

A Bloomberg report from September had indicated the Studio and several other products would be presented at the event. We first reported on these headphones back in 2018, and it looks like we’ll be waiting a while longer.

How much will AirPods Studio cost?

In June 2018, Bloomberg reported the Apple over-ears would cost in the same ballpark as headphones from Bose, Sennheiser and Sony.

We guessed £350/$349 or possibly even £399/$399, but speculation has said that the price for the headphones will be even higher than that.

Jon Prosser tweeter that one version of the Studios will cost $599 (potentially £599), and the sports version, which is made out of ‘cheaper materials’ would be priced at £350/$350. For a pair of headphones, sports or otherwise, that’s a lot more expensive than we had imagined.

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What will the AirPods Studio look like?

Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo said in 2018 that Apple was releasing “its own-brand, high-end over-ear headphones with all-new design; to be as convenient as AirPods with better sound quality”.

Pixelated icons from iOS 14 code suggest they’ll be black and white versions. Bloomberg reported the headphones will have some unique features with two versions in production – one with leather-like fabrics, and the other targeted at fitness wearers, which uses lighter, breathable materials. The luxury version the one shown in recent leaks, which you can see below.

It tallies up to the description we’ve been hearing about a retro look. The leaked images show the ear cups are attached to the headband via thin metal arms, though we can’t see the reported magnet connection clearly. The inclusion of magnets would make the headphones modular, with the rumour being the headbands can be swapped in and out. It will have a USB-C port (which we can just about see on the right earcup) and there will not be a headphone jack.

Other patents that have come to light indicate the AirPods Studio can be folded completely flat by incorporating arches and springs into the headband structure. We  don’t see any buttons, hinting they’re reliant on gesture swipes instead. If there are no buttons, that makes us wonder if the headphones turn themselves on/off by being folded up, much like Beats Solo Pro.

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What features will the AirPod over-ears have?

Macworld say the AirPods Studio will have ANC and wireless charging. The former is likely though we’re less sure about the latter. We expect battery life to be around 20 to 30 hours, and that they’ll feature the U1-chip.

Patently Apple uncovered a patent about gesture control. Gestures can be made in both the headphone’s upward orientation and down. From the diagrams it indicates the Studio can work as a neckband headphone, too.

That ties into a report from 9to5mac about proximity sensors. The sensors would know whether the headphones are on your head or neck, and can tell your left ear from your right. You could potentially put them on back-to-front and the headphones will figure out the correct orientation.

We expect it to have a USB-C Lightning connection in light of the EU parliament calling for standardised charging across all devices. 9to5mac say the AirPods Studio will be geared towards musicians, and pairing the Studio to an iOS or Mac device will unlock custom equaliser settings, “with low, medium, and high frequency adjustments available”.

Spatial Audio and Auto-switching are almost certain to be supported. The features were announced at WWDC 20 and arrived on the AirPods Pro in September. Spatial Audio works with soundtracks in 5.1, 7.1 and object-based audio in Dolby Atmos, while Auto-Switching means the headphones automatically switch when the user moves from one iOS device to another.

And that is all we know about the AirPods Studio headphones. Keep tuning into this page for the latest updates about the Apple’s first pair of over-ear headphones.

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