After a long delay, Fortnite Chapter 2: Season 3 finally adds cars this week

After a long delay, Fortnite Chapter 2: Season 3 finally adds cars this week


Epic Games has announced that cars are finally coming to Fortnite this week as part of the long-awaited “Joyride” update. 

The inclusion of cars in the hugely popular battle royale experience were set to arrive a few weeks ago, but these were delayed to allow for further development time and refinements. 

A number of vehicles are set to be added to Fortnite, with some already present on the map, but right now there’s no real way you can interact with them. This changes with Whiplash on Wednesday, August 5th across all platforms. 

Another tweet has also been released, teasing what appears to be a larger truck, so perhaps we’ll see a variety of different drivable vehicles emerge this week. Epic Games is also said to be adding vehicle specific challenges and other new methods of earning experience. 

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Vehicles being constantly accessible in the world of Fortnite could completely transform the flow of Fortnite, especially since with the exception of shopping carts, helicopters and boats, on-road vehicles haven’t really been a common part of Fortnite. Here’s hoping they don’t rock the boat too much, and add some worthwhile tactics when trying to bag a victory royale. 

Fortnite is currently in the midst of Chapter 2: Season 3, a seasonal update which has seen much of the island flooded with water and infested with pesky sharks. This has been accompanied by a battle pass which features a number of neat cosmetics alongside the addition of D.C’s Aquaman. We definitely prefer him to Deadpool’s obnoxious antics if we’re being honest.

Season 4 is scheduled to begin towards the end of August, and the island and its accompanying narrative will likely evolve to accomodate that in the coming weeks. To be perfectly honest, the plot of Fortnite is somewhat confusing, but each season is normally bookended by a major live event in the world, and we expect this season to be no different.


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