90 Minutes to Killer Presentation Skills Video Tutorial

90 minutes to killer presentation skills


Killer Presentation Skills is a 90-minute video that will change forever theway you think about speaking in public. Although speaking to a group is reported to be the Number 1 human fear, the truth is a bit more nuanced.The presenter in this video, author, speaker and trainer Doug Jefferys,clearly demonstrates that we only BELIEVE we fear public speakingbecause our most common behaviors when in the spotlight produce exactlythe same physiological responses as when we are genuinely facing a life-threatening event.

In other words, whenever our brain senses apotential threat, in this case the classic scenario of finding ourselvesone against many the body responds with the same chemicalpreparations to deal with the threat as it does when you blowout atire at 70 MPH.

Then, because of what most of us have been taughtfrom an early age, we engage in behaviors that exacerbate this chemical surge. We become our own worst enemy. Not because were weak, or thinknegatively, or are not prepared, as most of the wisdom? out there wouldhave us believe. Rather, because we come to the front of the room carrying a huge load of unavoidable baggage and then commit actions thatthe body has no choice to respond to other than to crank us up.

The amazingly good news here is that this video shows you how, by simply changing a few of these wrongly taught behaviors, you can completely change your bodys response; and with very little practice, the fear isfirst lessened, and then it is gone.

No drugs, no self-hypnosis, nofuzzy neuro-reprogramming, no reliance on positive thinking exercises that fail at the worst time. The process that takes you from a speakingzero to a speaking hero is one that simply involves modifying three things that you’ve done since your first stand-up book report in grade school. But beware: the power that comes with this new-found comfort andconfidence can be intoxicating “ and its available to literally anyone who learns the technique and runs with it.

Although the presenters approach runs counter to almost everything most people have read or learned about being successful at public speaking, his firm has taught thousands of participants who claim his techniques have literally changed their lives. Former president Bill Clinton, who is stillregarded as the pre-eminent speaker in public life today, studied andembraced these very same techniques when running for president “ to obviously great personal benefit. You may not become president of the United States, but wouldnt it be nice if the next time you spoke, people actually listened…


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