500 Poses for Photographing Women

500 poses

500 Poses for Photographing Women: A Visual Sourcebook for Portrait Photographers / by Michelle Perkins (Author). Next to lighting, posing is the most challenging aspect of photography

Next to lighting, posing is the most challenging aspect of photography—with so many body parts to capture, the possibilities are endless, and it’s all too easy to make a wrong turn. This illustrated reference provides both amateur shutterbugs and seasoned pros with the perfect place to turn when in need of quick posing strategies and fresh ideas. Containing 500 contemporary images by leading photographers, this indispensable manual explains posing fundamentals as well as how to create a flattering, feature-specific photograph—one that focuses on the head, shoulders, arms, torso, or feet—in different levels of close-ups, from head-shots to full-lengths.

About the Author
Michelle Perkins is a writer, a photographer, and a digital imaging specialist. She is a technical editor for “Rangefinder,” a regular contributor to “After Capture,” and has written for “PC Photo.” She is the author of numerous photography books, including “Professional Portrait Lighting” and “Professional Portrait Posing,” and is the coauthor of “The Illustrated Dictionary of Photography.” She lives in Buffalo, New York.


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