4000 Essential English Words Volumes 1-6 Full Pack Tutorial AudioBooks + eBooks

4k essential words

4000 Essential English Words is a six-book series that is designed to focuson practical high-frequency words to enhance the vocabulary of learnersfrom high beginning to advance levels. The series presents a variety ofwords that cover a large percentage of the words that can be found inmany spoken or written texts. Thus, after mastering these target words,learners will be able to fully understand vocabulary items when theyencounter them in written and spoken form.

Each unit presents 20 words which are defined and used in sample sentences. The activitiesin the books are designed to present the words in different uses sothat learners can fully see how they can be utilized. Also at the endof each unit there is a story whch contains the units target words togive learners further examples of the words in use. Each level properlyprepares the learner for the next which progressively challenges thelearner with more sophisticated vocabulary and stories.


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