2 Girls Teach Sex – Blow Her Mind The First Time With Krissy Lynn Video Tutorial

2gts blow here mind the first time

“How To Blow A Girl’s Mind The First Night You Have Sex With Her – Guaranteed!”

Blow Her Mind The First Time is all about being smooth, and natural. Most men dont realize that going from the date to the bedroom smoothly is more about sexual chemistry than your sexual skills.

If You Can Give A Girl An Intense, Full-Body Orgasm The First Time You Sleep With Her She’ll Be YOURS Forever… And GIVE YOU SEX Whenever And However You Want!

After the first time she’s had sex with you she will have already made up her mind as to what kind of relationship she wants to have with you. If you Blow Her Mind The First Time then you can get whatever you want, however you want, whenever you want.

Stated differently, she will be SEXUALLY ADDICTED to yours..

The “Blow Her Mind The First Time” is a compilation of sex techniques and step-by-step system that every men can follow to getting the woman they want.

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Have you ever heard the phrase “first impressions are everything”?

Have you ever been nervous about the first time you get sexual with a new girl ? (or even the first date)

Have you even wondered if you did everything right the first time with a new girl ?

Have you ever wondered if she enjoyed it or if you were better than her past boyfriends (or even husband) ?

If you have then I don’t blame you. As a woman I can tell you how nervous I get, and compared to a guy

I don’t even have to “perform” =)

As a guy, you have it a bit rougher. Women DO judge a new lover and nothing turns off a woman faster

than a guy who can’t please her. And it’s not JUST about orgasms it’s about the entire sexual experience

and how a guy makes his new girl FEEL.

Us women are highly EMOTIONAL (I bet you knew that..hehehe) and if the entire sexual experience didn’t feel right we don’t want to get involved with a guy.

Many women will stop returning phone calls or make up excuses about how they “got busy.”

But this doesn’t NEED to happen…..AND…

I’m not saying you are not good in the bedroom!!!

I’m just sayin’ that if you are a with a new girl for the first time most guys are pretty much clueless. 😉

I’m also not going to say that all women are the same but I will tell you that the first time you are with a new girlit is totally different for YOU and for HER than being with a familiar lover.

As a woman, who is extremely sexually active :), I want to share with you a few things about the first time with a new lover that ALL women feel:

Female Fact About First Time Sex # 1

If you don’t make us happy the first time…there probably will NEVER be a 2nd Time.

Many guys think that it is ok if they aren’t good the first time in bed. Not true!

You see, the first time with a girl is actually the MOST IMPORTANT time that you need to make her happy.


Because how you perform in bed the first time is one of the only ways that she can measure you as a man. For women, we want to feel safe and protected by our man. We want to know that he can take care of our needs. If you don’t make us feel comfortable, feel an emotional connection (which you have to know how to do the FIRST TIME), and give us orgasms we are simply not impressed.

MAYBE we’ll give you a second shot but you really have to work your way back in and we will defietely be seeing other guys too.

If you don’t make us feel happy the first time, it sends a deep signal to us that “this guy can’t take care of me.”

It’s not TOTALLY logical but we don’t have ANY other ways to make a very personal judgement. Any guy can buy use dinner or take us out on a date, but the guy that can make us orgasm over and over the first time, now HE is someone special 🙂

This type of guy is very rare and HE is the guy we just want to be with, on ANY terms!

Female Fact about First Time Sex # 2

Giving Your Girl An Orgasm the FIRST TIME is not about “Size or Stamina”, it’s about “Sexual Chemistry”!

Many guys think that if they get on top and pound away their new lover will be very excited and come over and over for them.

You CAN turn us girls into silly putty in your arms as we come over and over pounding away like a machine is not the way.

To be fair, it is really hard for a man to “know this” without a woman telling him…

You see, for women, the first time is all about “sexual chemistry”

Check out what we read or the shows that we watch 🙂

Take Cosmopolitan Magazine or the television show “Sex in the City”. Whenever women TALK about new lovers that were amazing we always talk about the “sexual chemistry.”

To put it plain and simple for you silly boys:

Sexual Chemistry the first time is all about you saying the right things in bed the first time, using the right positions, and going from the date to the bedroom SMOOTHLY and naturally. When you do those things right, we surrender our bodies, minds and our orgasms to you.

Let’s keep going 🙂

Female Fact about First Time Sex # 3

If you don’t GET to the Sex the right way we have already CHECKED OUT before it begins!

Women, when with a new lover JUDGE everything. Yes of course we judge you…just as you look at us

to make sure we are pretty and treat you like you want to be treated.

But beyond looking to make sure they aren’t excessive nose hairs (hehe) we are really judging HOW you get us to the sex.

If you don’t do foreplay right (and remember guys , foreplay is NOT us giving you a blowjob!) by the time you are inside us we CAN’T come. You just haven’t warmed us up right with your words, your touches, and the steps you took to get us naked !

When you don’t follow what women consider the “natural” path from a date to sex we feel awkward and

self conscious. And when we feel like that…

You have given us NO chance to relax and orgasm!

Female Fact About First Time Sex # 4

If you are Amazing in bed the first time we will want a relationship with you or just sex if that’s all that we can get!

Every guy (and girl) has seen this kind of relationship. Where the guy is treating the girl terribly (he’s a total jerk) but she never leaves him!

It’s not because she’s addicted to the abuse…it’s because he is so good in bed (starting from the FIRST time) that she FEELS such a strong attraction to him!

You probably know by now that us women are HIGHLY emotional creatures 🙂 If you not only make us orgasm the first time but…..also make us feel a strong “sexual chemistry” and do things that make us feel

safe and connected to you sexually we are yours HOWEVER you want us.

Yes, most women do want to get married but it is nearly impossible for us to leave a guy who rocked our body and mind the first time because of the intense sexual attraction he created. Unfortunately, it gives the guy total control over what our relationship is 🙁 (good news for you, bad news for women)

Female Fact About First Time Sex # 5

99% of Men Use the Wrong Positions (and Techniques) the First Time and Forget What Matters Most!

The first time you are with a woman is extremely different for her than ANY other time you are with her. (if you get a second shot)

For women, we want you to use the positions and techniques and SAY the things that make us have that “sexual chemistry.” First time sex for women is NOT about advanced sex positions or you showing off your crazy skills. It is about you getting inside our heads, hearts, and body in the way that forever draws us to you sexually.

For the first time it is all about using the techniques and putting us in the positions that make us feel safe, relaxed, and CONNECTED to you! Then we can orgasm for you…often more than once!

Now that I’ve spilled the beans on how women think about first time sex I want to share something with you….

How To Get Your New Girl So Comfortable And Into YOU the First Time You have Sex…


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